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New release from Providence, RI’s GNARNIA, who've been banging out killer rock’n punk in the vein of OG heavies DK’s, Black Flag and Germs. Always looking to bring the old skool energy they’ve partnered with us to release this LIMITED EDITION 12” vinyl lathe cut pressing. 


All the tracks were recorded by Gnarnia in their practice space in Pawtucket, RI with Eric Hanson later handling the mixing & mastering at Dyerville Recording in Olneyville.


The Thin Ice EP— a 7 song chop to the throat released September 2023, featuring a version of N8NoFace’s hit Not Like You; and b-side The Crimetown EP, 5 more rippers available now to bang on your eardrums!

Gnarnia Embrace ’80s Punk With ‘Thin Ice’

By Rob Duguay for Culture Beat

Oct. 2023


There’s a fine line that occurs when a band or musician echoes their influences into their music. One side of it can be a blatant rip-off that lacks any originality whatsoever while on the other side, the particular act is doing their predecessors justice by bringing forth their own unique spin. With ’80s era punk rock flowing through the riffs, rhythms and vocals, Gnarnia from Providence are definitely achieving the latter. 


Thin Ice is ideal for any punk purist and anyone who is looking for a jolt to their senses. It also should be mentioned that only two songs off the EP run past the two-minute mark.


Anyone who has had a long week with a lot to deal with is bound to relate to “Only Tuesday”. The harmonies from the rest of the band members backing up Simonelli set the vibe of the entire record. The title track is a bit different from the rest in terms of volume and delivery. There’s more of a melodic quality that’s present while Simonelli weaves in between waxing poetic and singing his heart out. Other highlights of the EP include “Leave It Alone”, “Babyhead” and a version of N8noface’s “Not Like You”. Read the full article Here.

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Sim Sima: vocals
Scott "Scooter" Bowers: geetar
Ashish "Hash" Vyas: bass (Thievery Corporation, GoGoGo Airheart)
Frank Mullin: drums (Purple Ivy Shadows)

THE CALL & TIMES - Gnarnia brings old school punk to Revival Fest

Interview by Rob Duguay

July 2021


Every fan of music knows about the first wave of punk rock during the mid to late ‘70s. Bands like The Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash and many others are usually brought up when that era is discussed. What about the next wave that occurred during the following decade? Bad Brains, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Husker Du, Minor Threat were the prime punk acts during the ‘80s and there’s a band in Providence reviving a similar sound. They’re known as Gnarnia and they plan on ripping up Revival Fest at Dusk on 301 Harris Avenue in their home city at 10:15pm on the 4th of July.


The band consists of Scott Bowers on guitar, Ashish “Hash” Vyas on bass, Frank Mullin on drums and Chris Simonelli on vocals. I recently had a talk with both Mullin and Simonelli about how it all started, coming from different musical backgrounds, making low budget recordings and what people can expect from them this Sunday night.

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By Jake Bissaro

March 2021


Gnarnia is a Providence band that plays a refreshing blast of fast, brash punk rock in the grand tradition of bands like Bad Brains and the Circle Jerks. The three-song cheap thrills EP can take you right back to the sweaty, germy circle pit that you’ve been missing all year. 


Unlike some hardcore, these tunes don’t revel in mediocrity, but are expertly played and super tight. “Procrastinate” is a breakneck speed ode to everyone’s favorite stalling tactic. “Fade Away” is even faster and rawer, and barely cracks the one minute mark. 

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