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Of the 2 of these that I have, both are practically identical. The only difference is the second one has a cataloging sticker on the sleeve. Both come in a generic paper sleeve of which both are like new. And the vinyl are both super clean and play perfectly.

Of all these multiple 45s listings, The one I photo will be the least desireble of them all. I will send out the best ones first. If you're buying the last one, you're getting the one in the pics.

Please see pics. I have done my best to include any examples of blemishes and markings on the vinyl.

We do our best to describe and photograph each item in detail. We try not to rely on any specific grading system, such as Goldmine, for using those simplistic grades may not capture the true essence of the item, and are also subject to interpretation by the seller or buyer. Possibly increasing expectations.

Prince And The N.P.G. 45 Money Don't Matter 2 Night / Call The Law Paisley Park

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