Not sure exactly which pressing this is, but it is certainly from the original year of release. The vinyl has the original Mercury labels. Also this is a copy that has Byrd Avenue listed as A2 on the labels incorrectly. The jacket is very good with some smush corners, particularly on the top right. A tad of ring wear and a little bit of pulling up at the center of the spine. There is a old stamped sticker adhered to the cover in the top right corner. This seems to be very stuck and I don't want to chance ruining the cover lifting it. Gatefold is very good. This has no sleeve and I was adding one, but realized a sleeve won't slide in because there is a corner that seems to be stuck down. I don't know if this was a manufacturing thing, because it does stop the record from slipping out the other side, but like I said, I can't put a sleeve in. The vinyl looks and plays great. Barely a mark on it.



Please see pics. I have done my best to include any examples of blemishes and markings on the vinyl.

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