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Established in 2020.

Psychic Static started as simple online record resale store with no expectations of morphing into anything more. But three years later, here we are, diversifying into media production, art and even manufacturing. There seemed to be logical steps we followed to get to the place we're in now. 


Coming from a frustrated place in the online record selling world, our first podcast, Vinyl & Vision, came to be as a way of sharing the vinyl listening experience with the visual aspect that is sorely lacking from the online sales representation. The podcast has taken on very much a life of it's own. Working so closely with emerging and exciting artists, we have decided to take on public relations for artists as well. Getting them in front of as many eyes as possible.


In addition to the podcast and publicity, while working with vinyl, the store led to an inspiration of a whole new kind. Contact with so many records of various wear and ages, one tends to run into some filthy records. As a record store owner, one familiarizes themselves with the various contraptions and products that swear to clean and preserve the quality of your most valuable vinyl. Not to knock any of those products, but we here at Psychic Static have noticed a major flaw in the mindsets of all these record cleaners to which we are currently working on what, we hope, to be the most essential and economic answer to vinyl preservation and rehabilitation in some cases. 


What else goes hand in hand with music? Well, art of course. So we are also working on our own line of artistic graphics with a heavy focus on parodying iconic images. We hope you like what we've come up with for now, so please stay in touch with us. To find out the latest details in our evolution drop us a line here or at any of our social media platforms. We love you all.


- J. Drab

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