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First European Tour and Upcoming Single!

Killer Kin has never been known to half ass anything. These upcoming dates for their first ever European tour only strengthen that argument. The Kin intend to spread the word of loud, hard and fast rock n' roll with at least 22 confirmed dates and possibly more within 26 days. This tour has been prompted by the upcoming release of their new single "Point Blank" being released by Wap Shoo Wap Records from Amsterdam.


With a band whose name is inspired by Arthur "Killer" Kane of the New York Dolls; Connecticut fuzz freaks Killer Kin take you inside their sleazy dungeon of blown-out, destructo Rock on their punishing ‘S/T’ debut album. These bludgeoning riff demons bleed, sweat, and shred big hooks and louder guitars sounding like a ravaged powder-keg of the Cramps, early GG, Soggy, the Reatards, the Stooges and the Ramones. Killer Kin’s crushing ‘S/T’ album is an explosive, unhinged release of stabbing, screeching guitars and raw, larynx shredding vocals so brutal and concise that it’ll invariably be pretty hard to top. An absolute blitzkrieg of pedal to the metal Riff Rock complete with ramshackle, fuzz fucked production that works so well at capturing their unique sonic cauldron of chaos.


"What an explosive record, full of energy and style it swaggered in like a fuckin peacock with a heart as big as the Stooges and blasted out like the bastard sons and daughters of the MC5 in full flight. Fan-Fuckin-Tastic they are the future and not the past they sing as it crashes and burns and asks what we think about that. Well, I think they’re bang on and I’m here to testify that this record can and will make you more desirable and live longer. Absolute Banger!"

-Dom Daley, RPM Online

"There are bands that vary up the speeds and sounds of their songs on their albums to make for a journey of twists and turns. Killer Kin succeeds by doing the exact opposite. The effect of the album is a bit like driving a car straight down a long highway at night, starting at 80 miles an hour and just getting faster from there. It’s just dangerous enough to be a blast, and it’s easy to imagine the band making waves wherever it goes. ​“Everybody knows that I’m a star,” Lea sings on ​“Stunner.” It’s easy to believe him."

-Brian Slattery, New Haven Independent


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